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Chin Implant

A soft chin makes the neck look much worse and ages the face. A chin implant can be performed to alter the apparent neck angle, giving dramatic improvements in the neck with or without a neck or face lift. Chin implants look and feel very natural, and age with the face. A small cut just under the chin or inside the mouth is all that is needed to place the implant. A longer implant will give fullness to the area just in front of the jowl, making the jawline look smoother and more natural. Shorter implants can sometimes make the pre-jowl hollow look deeper- this makes the jowl itself appear worse than it actually is. Implants can be placed under local anesthesia or sedation, take about 45 minutes to place, and are not very painful. Results are immediate. A small amount of swelling of the chin or lower lip lasts about one week.

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