FACELIFT (rhytidectomy)
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  • EXCELLENT for jowling, midface sagging, sagging "turkey neck"
  • Requires one to two weeks of downtime


  • EXCELLENT for jowling, midface sagging
  • GOOD for moderate neck skin laxity
  • Requires one week of downtime


  • GOOD for more minimal sagging of midface or neck in younger patients
  • Requires several days of downtime

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What exactly is a facelift?

A facelift, or rhytidectomy, uses incisions hidden inconspicuously around the ear and under the chin to address sagging of the midface, jowls and neck. It does NOT alter the appearance of the eyes, brows, mouth or skin without additional procedures such as blepharoplasty, browlift, implants/fillers or peels. The "old" technique of facelifting used a tight pull on the skin to improve sags. This resulted in a pulled, windswept appearance due to lack of repositioning of the underlying sagging midface. Pulling on the SMAS (superficial musculo-aponeurotic system- the layer of fibrous tissue under the skin) allows more dramatic and natural repositioning of the sagging midface and neck. The SMAS can be folded (plicated) or cut and sewn back together (imbricated). This is an excellent approach for minimal/early signs of aging in the neck and midface. In our office we call this a Rejuvalift, offering subtle improvements with little downtime. For more advanced aging, a deep-plane or modified deep-plane approach is an excellent, long-lasting approach that is the standard of facelifting currently. Results have been shown to last longer than SMAS imbrications only. Either approach can be adapted to individual anatomy, as some people further benefit from chin augmentation (permanent implants), cheek implants, liposuction under the chin or other procedures to enhance their features.

Dr. Winslow performs hundreds of facelifts each year, and has performed over a thousand in her career. A facelift or minilift very nicely addresses aging below the cheekbones; for aging around the eyes or forehead, a blepharoplasty or browlift may also be recommended. These procedures can be performed at the same time, if desired. The result after a facelift or minilift is a natural, refreshed appearance with no visible scarring. The procedures are performed under twilight sedation, using medicines given through an IV. Avoiding general anesthetic often means less nausea and a faster recovery. Most facelifts and minilifts are performed in our fully accredited procedure suite located in our Carmel, IN office. Pain is usually described as less than expected, and patients are able to eat and drink as soon as they get home. Downtime after a facelift or minilift is one week with restrictions on activity and lifting to minimize bruising and swelling. Complications are rare and results are immediate.

A Rejuvalift is a very minimal version of the minlift procedure, with smaller incisions and quicker healing. The results are still quite impressive and this is an ideal procedure for a younger patient with less facial aging.

While the results with surgery are permanent, your face is not- and will continue to age at a rate based on genetics, sun exposure, your habits (smoking!) and the care you give your body and mind. In general, expect the results to "last" 8-10 years, before you might be ready for another lift. Botox, fillers and good skin care can improve the longevity of results. A nice adjunct to restoring youth to the lower face is to add volume to aging lips with your own tissue at the same time with a SMAS implant. Adding your own tissues avoids the need for foreign implants, gives a permanent result and feels very soft and natural.

Dr. Winslow specializes in cosmetic surgery of the face- only. As a result, she performs more cosmetic surgery of the face than almost any other surgeon in the state and has performed thousands of facelifts in her career. Experience matters.

Are you a candidate for a facelift or minilift?

The best way to determine that is through a consultation with Dr. Winslow in her Carmel, IN office. Photo morphing is available to show realistic before/after images.

When a facelift/minilift is excellent option:

  1. Patients concerned with excess jowling
  2. Patients bothered by excess skin of the midface and neck
  3. Patients who desire softening of the aging process in the lower face
  4. Patients who desire softening (but not removing fully) of the smile folds
  5. Patients who request permanent volumizing of the lips and minimizing of the lipstick lines (with a natural tissue implant harvested with the facelift or minilift)

When a facelift/minilift may not be appropriate:

  1. Smokers or nicotine users who cannot stop
  2. Patients who expect every wrinkle to be removed (may have unrealistic expectations)
  3. Patients whose only complaints are the smile folds (fillers may be a better option)
  4. Patients whose main concern is aging around the eyes (blepharoplasty or browlift may be a better option)

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