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Lip Augmentation

As the face ages, the white portion of the upper lip lengthens and the pink rolls under and flattens out. This leads to a loss of the "pout" and less pink show. With loss of volume, fine lines (lipstick lines) become apparent. Full, thicker lips are aesthetically more pleasing and can be achieved through a variety of procedures. Injectables such as collagen or hyaluronic acid can be placed to give natural boosts to volume and pink show. Injectables are temporary, lasting 2-12 months on average. Some patients want longer lasting results. Several options exist for permanent improvements of lip volume. For the elongated upper lip, an incision just under the nose can shorten the white portion and lengthen the pink portion of the lip (lip lift). The junction of the pink and white lip can be cut and lifted, but this looks blunted and somewhat unnatural (vermillion advancement). Both these procedures increase the height of the pink portion of the lip, but do not address volume. A permanent soft implant can be placed in both the upper and lower lips to achieve a natural appearing improvement in fullness. These procedures are performed under local or a light sedation, are outpatient.

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